EVH Releases the Wolfgang USA Tour Relic Replica

For the legion of fans who attended the 2015 Van Halen Tour, it’s unlikely they failed to notice the striking, aged-looking Ivory Wolfgang USA guitar that Eddie Van Halen played onstage.

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Doc Coyle Runs Through His Rig for Gear Gods

Ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle recently broke down the rig he uses with his new band, Vagus Nerve, for the people at Gear Gods. That includes his EVH 5150 III amp, EVH 50 and 100 watt heads and MXR EVH Eddie Van Halen Phase 90 and MXR EVH-117 Eddie Van Halen Flanger pedals. “I’ve essentially played

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Eddie Van Halen Featured on Feb. Guitar World Cover

“Guitar World”‘s February issue features Eddie Van Halen on the cover, along with an exclusive in-depth feature story that covers every detail of his rig, including the signal path, amp and effect settings, and other insights into his signature sound.

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Ask Eddie: The First Frankenstrat

  Patrick Lynch form the United Kingdom recently wrote in to ask Eddie Van Halen to help settle a bet with his father regarding the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s legendary striped guitars. It’s a pretty straightforward question, but Van Halen’s answer is priceless. Read the entire exchange below. Lynch: Hi Eddie. I would like

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Experience the EVH Lunchbox Head

Don’t lets its diminutive size fool you! The EVH 5150III 15W LBX is a mighty sonic force to be reckoned with. The easy-to-carry “lunchbox” guitar amp is packed to the gills with searing tone. Armed with five ECC83S (12AX7) and two EL84 tubes for incredible high gain sound, it performs like an arena-filling champ. Two

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The Haunted’s Patrik Jensen Demos the 5150III 1×12 50-Watt Combo
Ola Englund

Patrik Jensen from Swedish metallers the Haunted recently took an EVH 5150III 1×12 50-Watt Combo for a spin, unleashing some hellish riffs on the versatile amplifier. While Jensen played, he also manipulated many of the controls to show the full capabilities of all three channels. Check out this killer demo below and click here for

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Beau Monde Guitars Unboxes a 5150III LBX Head
Beau Monde Guitars

New Jersey’s Beau Monde Guitars recently received an EVH 5150III 15-watt LBX head at their store and wasted no time in filming a quickie unboxing video.

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Eddie Van Halen Lists His Favorite Riffs

In a recent interview with Billboard, Eddie Van Halen was asked about his favorite riffs. The only stipulation was that he couldn’t list any riffs that he actually wrote.

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Ask Eddie: On How to Set Your Floyd Rose
Ask Eddie

The latest edition of our Ask Eddie series comes from Jack Devine in New Jersey. Devine, a guitar player, seemed curious about the way Eddie Van Halen likes to set up his Floyd Rose, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer himself was kind enough to answer.

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Hear New Music from Doc Coyle’s New Band, Vagus Nerve
Doc Coyle

Listen to some new music from Vagus Nerve, the new band from ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle.

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