Beau Monde Guitars Unboxes a 5150III LBX Head
Beau Monde Guitars

New Jersey’s Beau Monde Guitars recently received an EVH 5150III 15-watt LBX head at their store and wasted no time in filming a quickie unboxing video.

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Eddie Van Halen Lists His Favorite Riffs

In a recent interview with Billboard, Eddie Van Halen was asked about his favorite riffs. The only stipulation was that he couldn’t list any riffs that he actually wrote.

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Ask Eddie: On How to Set Your Floyd Rose
Ask Eddie

The latest edition of our Ask Eddie series comes from Jack Devine in New Jersey. Devine, a guitar player, seemed curious about the way Eddie Van Halen likes to set up his Floyd Rose, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer himself was kind enough to answer.

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Hear New Music from Doc Coyle’s New Band, Vagus Nerve
Doc Coyle

Listen to some new music from Vagus Nerve, the new band from ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle.

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Carlton Music Center Demos EVH Guitars and Amp

Marcus Brixa of Carlton Music Center in Florida recently picked up several products from the EVH line of gear to run through a series of demos.

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Watch an Epic Live Solo from Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen EVH

The sounds that Eddie Van Halen can get out of a guitar are seemingly infinite, and of course, well-documented.

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Watch Scale the Summit’s New Video for ‘Blue Sun’

Texas progressive standouts Scale the Summit certainly had some interesting wardrobe choices in their new video for “Blue Sun,” a shreddy track off the impending V, which is due out Sept. 18.

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Ask Eddie: Using a Drill on ‘Poundcake’

Eddie Van Halen has long been known for his innovation, whether it was creating his own guitars or supercharging his amps. But who would have thought Van Halen would use a power drill to complement his fretboard ferocity during the song “Poundcake,” which came off 1991′s For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge?

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Watch a New Play-Through from the Agonist’s Chris Kells and Paco Jobin

Montreal-based metallers the Agonist recently teamed up with Guitar World to premier a new play-through video for the track “I Endeavor.”

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Guitar World Demos the EVH 5150III 1×12 50-Watt Combo

Guitar World 
recently took some time to run through the EVH 5150III 1×12 50-Watt Combo, taking special note of the amp’s ability to perform at a high level in venues where hauling around a half-stack would be overkill.

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