Watch as Gojira’s Joe Duplantier Dishes on his EVH Amps
Gojira-Joe Duplantier-by Eric Fairchild-AR Mike Tempesta-6585

In a new EVH exclusive video, Gojira’s frontman Joe Duplantier discusses his affinity for EVH amps – from his EVH 5150 III studio use to his EVH Stealth live rig and finally his EVH Lunchbox for dressing room warm-ups.

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EVH Welcomes Psycroptic Guitarist Joe Haley to the Family

EVG Gear is pleased to welcome Joe Haley from Australian extreme metal band Psycroptic to the EVH artist roster.

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EVH LBXII ‘A Black and White Box of Joy’

In a new video clip, Andertons Music Co’s Pete and Rabea take a deep dive into the 5150III® 15W LBXII Head, which they call a “black and white box of joy.”

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Watch Lari Basilio Cover ‘Rock With You’ on her EVH Wolfgang

In a new video, Brazilian guitarist Lari Basilio runs through a quick cover of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” on her EVH Wolfgang Special guitar in Stealth Black.

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EVH EL34 Head is Scott Ian’s Dream Amp

In a new interview with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, he explains that he’s been a fan of Eddie Van Halen and his band ever since hearing “Eruption” back in 1978.

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Zebrahead’s Dan Palmer Stops by Reverb for a Demo
Dan Palmer

Zebrahead’s Dan Palmer recently stopped by Reverb to demo the Digitech Whammy pedal using his EVH Striped Series Circles guitar and accompanying 5150III amp rig.

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We Start Wars Release Debut Single

Los Angeles-based guitar shredder Nita Strauss of the Alice Cooper band has formed her own new all-female band called We Start Wars, featuring EVH artist and guitarist Nicole Papastavrou, bassist Alicia Vigil, vocalist Seana (aka Shauna Lisse), drummer Lindsay Martin and keyboardist Katt Scarlett.

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Watch Fan Footage of Zebrahead Repping EVH at Groezrock

Bird Attack Records has shared a live clip from the recent Groezrock Festival in Belgium featuring Orange County punk rap outfit Zebrahead. As usual, the guys know how to put on a show, and we appreciate them doing so with their EVH Striped axes!

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Guitar Aficionado Chats with Eddie Van Halen on the EL34
EL34 featuer

Guitar Aficionado editor Chris Gill gave the EVH 5150IIIS EL34 an impressive review in the March/April issue, which also included exclusive commentary from Eddie Van Halen on the inspiration behind the amp. Van Halen’s desire to recreate his legendary tone (but on steroids) from his prized original 1968 Marshall Super Lead amp used to record

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Ricky Gervais Tackles Rock Fame Failures and Best Van Halen Pose in Guitar Aficionado

Striking a pose with an EVH Striped Star in the March/April issue of Guitar Aficionado, actor and comedian Ricky Gervais talks gear and his less-than-stellar attempt for rock star status. “My worry is that I’m a fat little comedian,” joked Gervais. “Me trying to pose like I think I’m Eddie Van Halen would not go

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