Ask Eddie: What Amps Did You Use on ‘Top Jimmy’ Rhythm Tracks?

In the latest edition of Ask Eddie, our feature that allows fans to submit a question to Eddie Van Halen himself, Todd Fields of Georgia wrote in wondering about the amps used for the rhythm tracks on Van Halen’s 1984 single, “Top Jimmy.”

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Eddie Van Halen to Headline ‘What It Means to Be American’ Event

The legendary Eddie Van Halen will appear at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on Thursday, Feb. 12, in Washington D.C., to headline an event as part of the national “What It Means to Br American” program.

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Steel Panther Starts the Party on Kimmel
Steel Panther Jimmy Kimmel Live

Steel Panther recently threw a true rock and roll party on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, as the Los Angeles-based glam metallers performed two songs on the program’s indoor stage.

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Dark Funeral Releases New Video for ‘Nail Them to the Cross’

Swedish black metallers Dark Funeral has their sixth studio album in the works, with an eye on an early-2015 release.

But to give fans a taste of the new music, the group recently unveiled a video for their latest single, “Nail Them to the Cross.”

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Metal Allegiance: A Perfect Storm Lands in Anaheim
Scott Ian Chris Broderick

With the sheer force of a hurricane, the Hall of Fame jam session known as Metal Allegiance finally hit the ground at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Calif., this week.

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Learn How to Play ‘Homage’ and ‘Perplexed’ from Pete Thorn and Jam Track Central

Guitarist Pete Thorn recently teamed up with Jam Track Central on two new guitar lessons from his 2011 album, Guitar Nerd.

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Crazy Dave’s Music Demos EVH Gear

Sean Watson of Crazy Dave’s Music in Orange Park, Fla., recently pulled out a bunch of EVH gear to run through with Chris Stanton of the hard rock band Marion Crane. Not only did Stanton demo all three channels of an EVH 5150III head, he did it using an EVH Wolfgang Standard and a Striped Series Circles guitar.

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zZounds Demos the EVH Striped Series Guitar

zZounds recently pulled an EVH Striped Series guitar out to run through all of its specs. In the video, the axe was called “one of the most iconic instruments in the history of music.” Check it out in the clip below.

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Ask Eddie: Open vs. Closed Cabs

For this installment of our Ask Eddie feature, Eddie Van Halen fields a question from Justin Ross in Glen, N.H.

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Sweetwater Demos the EVH 5150III Mini 50-Watt Head

Don Carr of Sweetwater Sound recently took the EVH 5150III Mini 50-Watt Head for a spin in an extensive product demo. According to Carr, the size of the amp doesn’t have much to do with the sound. “The EVH 5150III Mini is mini only in footprint; it has features that many ‘full-size’ amps don’t,” he

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