MusicData Demos the Special-Edition Striped Wolfgang

Czech music retailer MusicData recently had a local shredder come in to store and test out a limited edition EVH Wolfgang Special with red, black and white stripes.

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Ask Eddie: How to Hold a Pick

In the latest edition of Ask Eddie, Jonathon Valenzuela wrote in from Australia to get some insight from Eddie Van Halen about the best way to hold a pick. Valenzuela goes about it in a different manner than most other guitarists, and to no one’s surprise, Van Halen has an original way of handling the pick

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Guitar Center Demos an EVH Striped Series Guitar

Joey Brasler of Guitar Center recently offered a comprehensive overview of the EVH Striped Series guitar in red with black stripes.

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Eddie Van Halen Discusses the ‘Brown Sound’ in New Billboard Feature

In a recent cover-story interview for Billboard, Eddie Van Halen covered a variety of topics, including the guitar tone regularly referred to as the “brown sound.”

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Guitar World Demos the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

Paul Riario of Guitar World recently got his hands on an EVH Wolfgang WG Standard to run it through a demo.

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Vintage Guitar Reviews the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard
EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

Vintage Guitar recently took a good look at the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard in their May 2015 issue, making sure to note how much fun it is to play and how ergonomic the Transparent Black model was with its compact body and forearm contour.

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Van Halen Rips Through ‘Panama’ on Billboard Music Awards
Van Halen Billboard

Last weekend’s Billboard Music Awards got off to an electric start, as Van Halen opened the ceremony with a searing rendition of classic track “Panama.” It was a strong reminder of the power of rock at an event where pop artists like One Direction and John Legend take up much of the spotlight. During Van

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Watch the Bloodline’s New Video for ‘Poisonous’

Chicago metal band the Bloodline – which boasts members of Dirge Within and Divine Heresy – has a new video out off their latest album, We Are One.

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View EVH Gear at Rock on the Range!

If you’re going to the Rock On The Range festival this year, don’t miss our spot at Crazy Dave’s Music Experience, where you can meet and greet artists and check out some of our latest gear!

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Van Halen Gets Ellen Crowd Jumping
Eddie Van Halen Ellen

As Van Halen has prepped for their upcoming tour to support their latest album, Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have treated fans to a few television appearances over the past few weeks.

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