EVH 5150 Series Deluxe Scores Guitar World’s ‘Gold Award’

The all-new EVH 5150 Series Deluxe axe scored Guitar World’s “Gold Award” for performance in the magazine’s February issue, with reviewer Chris Gill praising EVH for “finally offering the Super Strat aficionados the ax they’ve been waiting for.”

“The EVH 5150 Series Deluxe is the flagship model of the company’s new 5150 Series guitars, which provide a hybrid of Van Halen’s original ‘Frankenstrat’ design and numerous ‘Ed-ified’ features from EVH Wolfgang models,” wrote Gill.

The 5150 Series Deluxe is packed with premium features that make it “an excellent Super Strat for the masses,” as Gill noted, including conservative finish options, 12-16” compound radius fingerboard, comfy C-shaped neck profile, beloved hockey stick headstock, Wolfgang bridge and neck humbuckers, low-friction master volume pot and high-friction master tone pot and EVH D-Tuna.

“There is nothing conservative about the 5150 Series Deluxe’s blazing playability and aggressive tones,” noted Gill. “The slim neck profile delivers high-performance speed and action with outstanding playing comfort, and the EVH Wolfgang humbuckers growl and howl with drum-tight bass, rich, beefy mids and brilliant, sparkling treble.”

In summary, Gill lauded the new 5150 Series Deluxe models for having a reasonable price tag that belies its value.

“Considering that most Super Strats costing two or three times as much don’t provide custom touches… the 5150 Deluxe offers an outrageous value for guitarists seeking a high performance axe for any variety of gigs,” he concluded.

Grab the latest copy of Guitar World for Gill’s full review.