The Hub Interviews Eddie Van Halen

The Hub by Musician’s Friend has shared an interview with legendary guitarist and EVH head honcho Eddie Van Halen that discusses everything from his early guitar gear to pushing his equipment to the limit, and why EVH is the best brand for all ranges of players.

From an extremely young age, Van Halen was a tinkerer extraordinaire, creating incredible sounds out of ordinary gear.

“My very first guitar amp was actually not a guitar amp; it was a homemade stereo setup that had a 3/4-inch Radio Shack adapter and an auxiliary input for a microphone or whatever,” recalled Van Halen. “I played on it until it blew up, like most things I’ve played on—with the exception of 5150s!”

The Hub was also interested in how Van Halen’s early experimentation influenced his drive for new tones.

“From the beginning, I have pushed my [rig] to do way more than it was designed or intended to do,” he shared. “To this day, I still push just as hard with what I’ve got now to go even further. It’s just part of me and who I am. It’s in my DNA. Ask any of the principal engineers I work with on EVH gear. They will tell you, whether it’s a guitar or an amp, I always aim to take it further and past where I want it to go because I’d always prefer to have a little more than I need and dial it back, than to come up short and not have what I need to get to where I want to go.”

Van Halen wasn’t shy about his thoughts on the best gear to pick up this holiday season, either.

“Well, how can I not say EVH?” he quipped. “Not because it’s my stuff, but, honestly, I’ve tried everything else and my [stuff] sounds the best, and it’s easiest to play. I put a lot of work and effort into it to making it as good as it can possibly be and the easiest to play.”

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