Andertons Music Reviews the Mighty EVH 5150 III EL34

In a new video, Joss Allen and Pete Honoré from UK’s Andertons Music take the brand new EVH 5150III® 50w EL34 head for a test drive, giving you a rundown of all the features you’ll find on the three channel powerhouse.

Praising the ability of the EL34 to be more than just a metal amp, Allen notes, “the cool thing about the introduction of the EVH 5150 series, across the line, is having that clean channel and being able to use it.”

Honore is equally impressed by the resonance switch on the back, noting how it “makes a huge difference” as “you really get that low resonance bottom end.”

Watch their clip below, and also be sure to check out our demo video showing off of all the incredible options the EVH 5150III 50w EL34 has to offer by CLICKING HERE!