Eric Broadbent Live Streams a Demo of the LBXII

Eric Broadbent of EVH Gear Discussion recently streamed one of the first live demos of the 5150III LBXII, demoing the amp in the green (clean) and blue (dirty) channels and showing off its response to added pedals and effects.

Broadbent began the live segment with a comparison between the first generation LBX and newly released second edition LBXII, noting that the major difference between the two is the added clean channel on the LBXII. Also, while the LBX performs well at lower level “bedroom” volumes, the LBXII is intended to be opened up and played loud and full in the blue channel.

“Once you turn it up, you’ll never turn it back down,” explained Broadbent.

Broadbent followed up his overview commentary with a series of demos, starting with a selection of clean samples in the green channel with reverb and delay. He then added an overdrive pedal to create distortion that mimics a third channel for even more tonal options.

Check out the full review and demo below.