Ask Eddie: The First Frankenstrat


Patrick Lynch form the United Kingdom recently wrote in to ask Eddie Van Halen to help settle a bet with his father regarding the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s legendary striped guitars.

It’s a pretty straightforward question, but Van Halen’s answer is priceless.

Read the entire exchange below.

Lynch: Hi Eddie. I would like to know which was your first striped guitar? I say it’s the Frankenstrat, but my dad says the yellow and black one.

Van Halen: Hi Patrick,

Eddie here and thank you for your question. You want to know which guitar was the first one I painted with the stripes. I am sorry to say, but your father is wrong. The first guitar I painted with the stripes was the Frankenstein, but it was only black and white. It’s the guitar pictured on the first Van Halen record. I added red to it a few years later. Sorry dad, kids are smarter than you think.

All the best to you Patrick and your father.


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