Ask Eddie: On How to Set Your Floyd Rose

Ask Eddie
The latest edition of our Ask Eddie series comes from Jack Devine in New Jersey.

Devine, a guitar player, seemed curious about the way Eddie Van Halen likes to set up his Floyd Rose, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer himself was kind enough to answer.

Read the entire exchange below.

Devine: Hi Mr. Van Halen. I have a question that concerns the Floyd Rose system. When you set up your Floyd Rose, do you leave it flush with the surface of the guitar or do you let it float slightly so you can bend up, as well? I have set it up to where the unit is a flush as possible on all of the guitars I own with a Floyd Rose system. Do you think that any difference in how the unit is positioned will effect my sustain or tone? I’ve always wondered this, and you’re definitely the person to ask! P.S. You got me into music and have influenced my playing style immensely!

All the best, Jack Devine

Van Halen: Hi Jack,

Eddie here. The answer is very simple. The more things/parts on your guitar that are connected, the more sustain you will get, and better tone. Mine are all set up flush with the body. They do not pull up. I am so happy to have been a factor in getting you into music and being an influence on your playing. Don’t ever stop!! Music is the universal language. It transcends all.

Thank you for your question, Jack.

All the best,


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