Vintage Guitar Reviews the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

EVH Wolfgang Vintage Guitar
Vintage Guitar
recently took a good look at the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard in their May 2015 issue, making sure to note how much fun it is to play and how ergonomic the Transparent Black model was with its compact body and forearm contour.

“Right out of the box the Wolfgang is built for speed and comfort,” wrote Vintage Guitar‘s Oscar Jordan. “It’s fast and smooth, and its neck is wide enough to anchor a secure grip, but not so girthy in the rear as to slow you down.

“Its cut brings you closer to the body, and access to the higher frets is a breeze,” he continued.

As for tones, Jordan gave it a rigorous tremolo workout, testing both the neck and bridge pickups.

“The WG Standard’s neck pickup warms things up, drops the gain a tad, but maintains a glassy punch,” he wrote.

In the end, Jordan came out quite pleased with the Wolfgang WG Standard’s playability and price.

“The EVH Wolfgang WG Standard won’t replicate the sounds on Van Halen Records, but what it does offer, however, is a blank slate with which to communicate your own artistry, ideas, and shredalicious individuality,” he noted. “It’s effortless to play, makes soloing fun, and the price point is excellent.”

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