Ask Eddie: What Amps Did You Use on ‘Top Jimmy’ Rhythm Tracks?

In the latest edition of Ask Eddie, our feature that allows fans to submit a question to Eddie Van Halen himself, Todd Fields of Georgia wrote in wondering about the amps used for the rhythm tracks on Van Halen’s 1984 single, “Top Jimmy.”

We’ll let Fields take it away…

Fields: Eddie, I would love to know what amps you used on “Top Jimmy” for the Ripley rhythm tracks? That rhythm tone is one of my favorites! Thanks much!

Todd Fields

Van Halen: Hi Todd, thank you for your question.

The amps I used for the rhythm tracks on “Top Jimmy” were two, small 1×12 Music Man Combo Amps. I don’t know the exact model number offhand, but they were about 30-watt amps. The reason I needed two amps is because the Ripley guitars are stereo guitars.

I’m glad you like the tone. I thought it was an interesting sound because it’s sort of in-between a single coil Strat-type sound and a Humbucker sound. I also modified the amps by putting a 25-watt green back Celestion in each amp.

I used the same amps – except only one – with a Strat, for the whole track of “Finish What You Started.”

I hope that answers your question Todd.

All the best,
Eddie VH

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