Eddie Van Halen Talks Pedals in Guitar World

Eddie Van Halen was recently featured in the November 2014 issue of Guitar World, where the legendary guitarist talked about his use of MXR pedals in light of the company’s 40th anniversary.

In the Q&A, Van Halen discussed the way he used the MXR Phase 90 and Flanger pedals on specific songs and the way those pedals influenced him as a songwriter.

“They enhance the sound of what I’m playing,” Van Halen said of the pedals. “In certain spots I would use them if I needed them. It wasn’t a set thing; I’d just wing it, and nine times out of 10 it would work. I have to have an idea for a song first, then I’ll putz around and add or take away things. It’s like making a steak: you have to have the steak first, then you can make it better by adding a little seasoning, but not too much because you want to taste the steak, not the seasoning.”

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