Ask Eddie: Neck Preferences

It’s time to dip back into the mailbag for another Ask Eddie feature, where fans can post their queries to legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

This month, Anthony Kay of Virginia is wondering about Van Halen’s preferred style of guitar necks.

Kay: Hi Eddie.  Why did you switch your neck preference from wide, flat and thin ones to narrow, fat-type necks?

Van Halen: Hi Anthony,

I changed neck shape when I built the “5150″ Kramer guitar at their factory a long time ago.  Why?  Simply because the neck on the “Frankenstein” was basically a 2×4, and I wanted something easier to play.  I used to use a maple neck, and now I use an ebony fingerboard.  Who knows, next week I might try something else.  I tend to go with what feels comfortable at the time.  I am constantly experimenting and changing.  I hope that answers your question, Anthony.

All the best, Eddie

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