Havok’s Reece Scruggs Talks EVH 5150III Amp With PureGrainAudio

Havok Unnatural Selection

Reece Scruggs of Denver thrashers Havok recently checked in with PureGrainAudio to talk about his EVH 5150III amp that he took on tour during his band’s run through North America.

“I’ve had it for about a year, just shy under a year,” Scruggs explained.  ”I use it in a standard sense. I use the blue channel for rhythms and the red as a lead boost. All aided by my MXR Zakk Wylde overdrive. I love the combo of the head sound and that overdrive, best tone on the planet.”

Watch the video for Havok’s latest single “Give Me Liberty… or Give Me Death” from their 2013 album Unnatural Selection below and click here for Scruggs’ full interview.

Visit Havok’s official website for more information.