Court Yard Hounds Guitarist Talks Van Halen at Lollapalooza

When Court Yard Hounds took the Lake Shore Stage Saturday afternoon at Lollapalooza, guitarist Martin Strayer wore his love of Van Halen on his chest.

As he added his expert fretwork to the Court Yard Hounds’ folky rock, Strayer, who uses EVH amps, donned a sweet Van Halen baseball t-shirt. During a stop by EVH’s Lollapalooza headquarters, Strayer explained that he has always been a big fan of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen.

“I grew up in Philadelphia, and all the guitar players that I was fascinated with either lived in Austin or Los Angeles. But those early Van Halen records to me were about good times, partying in the sun,” he said.  ”I remember my dad coming to me and saying, ‘I got this job out in Los Angeles, and want to make sure if you’re cool with moving out there.’  I said, ‘Dad, that’s where Eddie Van Halen lives!’”

Strayer and Court Yard Hounds are currently touring in support of their latest album Amelita.  The group, which is fronted by Dixie Chicks Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, wowed their Lollapalooza crowd with several tracks from the release, including the lead single “Sunshine” and “Phoebe.”

Check out their official website to see them on the road.