Ask Eddie: Do You Still Have Your Plexiglass Amp?

It’s time for another installment of Ask Eddie, where guitarist Eddie Van Halen answers questions submitted by fans around the world.

In the latest edition, Van Halen gives Andrew Armstrong of Australia an update on one of his original amps.

Andrew: Hi there Eddie.  I’ve been watching Van Halen since the beginning and seen a couple of shows of my favorite band! My question is do you still own your original 100-watt plexiglass amp, the one used on the first album?

Van Halen: Hi Andrew.  Yes, of course I still have my original 100 watt plexiglass amp.  Unfortunately over the years, I had too many different amp repair techs mess with it.  One of them took it upon himself to re-wire the whole amp with new wire, and the amp never sounded the same again.

Since then, I have taken original old wiring out of other old plexi heads to get the amp back to its original state.  But even though it has all old wiring in it again, it still doesn’t sound quite as good as it used to.

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