Ask Eddie: Your Questions Answered

Fans have been submitting their questions for legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and he recently responded to a few of the best in the first installment of Ask Eddie.

In this edition, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer talks about the way he sets up his pedals, the specs of the EVH Wolfgang Special HT and his infamous “Shark” guitar.

Check out what Van Halen had to say…

Lloyd Doubleday of Florida:

Hi Eddie. Thanks for the opportunity to send you questions. Very cool idea! I have my EVH pedals set up with the flanger first followed by the phaser and then the wah pedal. Is that the preferred way to set it up? What’s Kody’s (Eddie’s dog) favorite VH song? The new striped guitars look awesome! Thanks for your time. Have a good one!

Van Halen: Hi Lloyd, I plug into the wah-wah first, then the phase 90 and then the flanger, BUT, there are no rules.  It’s really about what is most comfortable for you.  Kody’s favorite VH song is “Sunday Afternoon In The Park” because that’s how he spends his Sundays.

Brian Tate from the United Kingdom:

Hi Eddie, could you tell me why you reverse the pickup selector switch on my EVH Wolfgang Special HT, and also why the locking nut and fine tuners? P.S. love the guitar and tone – AWESOME.

Yours Faithfully,

Brian Tate

Van Halen: Hi Brian!!

The reason for reversing the pickup selector switching is because when I play with my right hand on the fingerboard, I tend to bump the switch (it gets in my way).  The locking nut makes it much easier to keep the guitar in tune and the fine tuners allow me to fine tune the guitar while I’m playing.  I’m glad you like the guitar Brian.

Jeff Hensley of Tennessee: 

Hey Eddie, I’ve read that you feel that by taking a saw to your famous “SHARK GUITAR”  you destroyed the sound. Even though the guitar looks awesome, do you still wish you hadn’t taken a saw to it? THANKS EDDIE

Van Halen: Hi Jeff, Taking a hacksaw to that guitar radically changed the sound.  All the bottom end disappeared because it was a pretty large chunk of wood that I removed, but if I had the chance to go back in time, I believe I would have done the same thing because it does look pretty cool.

Click here to submit your question and watch Van Halen play the Shark guitar in “You Really Got Me” below.


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