Van Halen Releases New Tour Dates

Van Halen

The mighty Van Halen recently announced new summer tour dates, as the band will head to Australia and Japan before heading back to the United States.

Van Halen released the blockbuster album A Different Kind of Truth in 2012, earning critical and commercial success with gems like “Tattoo” and “Stay Frosty.”

Van Halen’s upcoming tour dates are as follows:

April 20: Stone Music Festival, ANZ Stadium
Sydney, Australia

June 18: Nagoya Aichi-Ken Gymnasium
Nagoya, Japan

June 21: Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan

June 24 & 26: Osaka City Central Gymnasium
Osaka, Japan

July 20: Rock USA, Ford Festival Park
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

July 24: California Mid-State Fair
Chumash Grand Stand Arena in Paso Robles, CA