Eddie Van Halen Guests on LL Cool J’s New Album

Eddie Van Halen and LL Cool J

Radio.com has provided more details behind the photo we teased last week on the EVH Facebook page of Eddie Van Halen and LL Cool J.

In an interview with the site, the rapper reveals that Van Halen is one of several guests on his upcoming album, Authentic, and that the the two worked together on “We’re the Greatest,” a song that LL Cool J says is about making a comeback in life.

”Working with Eddie was just amazing,” said LL Cool J. “I just really wanted to work with the best, work with people that I respect, people that I look up to, people that impress me, people that I believe are truly super talented… and even more talented than myself. I feel like Eddie falls in that category. Now Eddie Van Halen has officially done a hip-hop record. And I have officially worked with one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived.”

Watch a clip of the interview below, and mark your calendar for Authentic‘s April 30 drop date.

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