EVH 5150 50-Watt Head Lands On Guitar World‘s List Of Essential Signature Gear

The EVH 5150 50-watt head recently made Guitar World‘s list of five essential pieces of signature gear.

The magazine said the amp is a key tool for achieving Eddie Van Halen’s unique tone.

Wrote Josh Hart and Damien Fanelli:

“Even if it is a scaled-down version of its 100-watt big brother, there’s no denying the EVH III 5150 50-watt head packs a lot into a small package. This three-channel amp matches up nicely with any cabinet, but you definitely can’t go wrong with any of the cabs in the EVH 5150 III line. Pair it up with either the 2×12 or 1×12 and you’ll have ‘em dancing in the streets in no time!”

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