Whitechapel’s Alex Wade Featured In July Guitar World

Alex Wade from Knoxville, Tenn., deathcore band Whitechapel is featured in the July issue of Guitar World, where he talks about his career and gear.

When asked what his favorite gear was, Wade was quick to name check EVH.

“It’s the EVH 5150III, which is the best head I’ve ever played, hands down,” he said.  ”I love it, because it sounds bigger and cleaner than any other 5150.”

In addition, Wade had some advice for young players.

“Pick songs that you think are harder to play, look up the tabs for them and learn how to play them.  In particular, you should choose songs that have a lot of picking in them, because that will develop your chops.

“Also, look up some exercises online to help you develop picking stamina.”

Whitechapel is working on their self-titled fourth album, which is due out June 19.

For more information, visit Whitechapel’s official website, and pick up your copy of Guitar World to read the full interview here.