Heretic’s Glenn Rogers Chats With Beyond the Riff

Glenn Rogers has been in several metal bands, including Deliverance and So-Cal legends Hirax, and the guitarist stopped by Beyond the Riff to talk about his latest effort, Heretic.

Rogers joined Heretic in 2011, and the band is working on a new album for 2012 titled Time of Crisis.

When asked about the gear he used, Rogers was quick to point to EVH.

“I picked up an EVH Wolfgang Special, which I like, especially for in the studio because it’s a little bit more comfortable to sit with that guitar than a Flying V when you’re trying to track,” he said.  ”I use EVH amps.  They’re the best.  They really rule.”

The interview begins around the 60:00 mark, and you can listen below:

And while you wait for the album to drop on July 26, check out “Remains:”

Check out Heretic’s new website for more information.